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The form is limited to 10 fields, so I have combined some questions. Make note before you start typing because the blue text will disappear.  If you don't know, write down a guess. I don't expect you to know all of this already. 


When was Jesus crucified? 

What are the names of our Creeds and what are they?

Our church is called "Lutheran." Tell me why that's the name, and name as many other churches as you can.

What are the Gospels and what does the word "gospel" mean? 

Name as many church seasons and special days as you can and what they mean. (Example: Christmas is when Jesus was born) - if you know the name but can't remember what it is, still list it and leave the description blank. 

Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans? How did it happen? 

Thee part question: answer whichever ones you can. Just guess! How many books are in the Bible? What kind of books are they? Why do we divide into Old and New Testaments? 

What is Holy Communion and why do we do it? 

What is a disciple? 

What makes a Christian? 

Opening Survey

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